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Science Rally 2023: Nachwuchswissenschaftler erkunden die vielfältigen Forschungsgebiete am ILT

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How do animals, technology and animal welfare fit together? The Department of Process Engineering in Animal Production has shown young scientists how modern technology and sensors can be used to measure animal welfare and improve animal welfare in livestock farming in the long term.


The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bonn at the EuroTier 2022 trade fair in Hanover.

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The scientific staff of the agricultural faculty of the University of Bonn and the student advisory service were represented at this year's EuroTier Hannover from 15 - 18.11.2022. You can find an insight into the university's trade fair activities in this follow-up report.


Gold medal for "AutoDry" milking software

Precision Livestock Farming: Process Engineering in Animal Production

The main topics of research and teaching in 'Livestock Technology' range from supply technology (for feed, water and air) to environmentally friendly utilisation of by-products (especially liquid manure and exhaust air). Technical development focuses on amimal wellfare in husbandry ('resting', 'walking', 'feeding'...) and product extraction (e.g. 'milking'). The aims of technical developments are to improve animal welfare, to use resources efficiently and to reduce environmental pollution. The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn has played an important role in scientific research in animal husbandry in Germany for a certain time. The knowledge and insights gained from this research are demonstrated and communicated to students in the specialised courses of study. This is  achieved in particular by communicating the results from current research projects in teaching. The digitalisation of animal husbandry ("Precision Livestock Farming"), sensor-based recording and computer-assisted evaluation of animal behaviour as well as conclusions about animal welfare are also important components of research and teaching.

Main research topics

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Environmental and climate protection

Animal welfare and precision livestock farming (cattle, pig, chicken)

Fodder conservation

Agricultural animal production, with its livestock housing and manure management, is responsible for various airborne ...


Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) involves the collection, analysis and processing of animal (individual) data and their husbandry environment on electronic...


The preservation and storage of feedstuffs for later feeding to one's own livestock is a core task for almost all...



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