Mixed reality in the chicken house as a door opener for knowledge transfer and animal welfare


The VisioChick project is funded within the framework of the announcement no. 04/20/32 - Model and Demonstration Project Animal Welfare on the topic of "Animal Welfare in Farm Animal Husbandry - Concepts and Materials for Training and Further Education as well as Studies".

The aim of the project is to make the topic of animal welfare and animal protection in poultry farming more attractive and modern for different target groups by means of an innovative teaching concept using a specially designed mixed reality (MR) system including corresponding software and supplementary teaching materials. By using the corresponding technology, a change of perspective is to take place in order to link theoretical content with practice/reality ("seeing animal welfare and animal protection from the animal's perspective").

The theoretical basics are prepared for the corresponding target groups (trainees, vocational school teachers, students). In addition, a mixed reality system including software will be designed on the basis of modern virtual reality (VR) glasses.

The application of the technology and the materials will be tested in practice and the suitability for the transfer of knowledge will be evaluated, especially for initial, further and continuing training. The different target groups will be actively involved. At the end of the project and beyond, the MR glasses together with the developed teaching materials and further information will be made available as a loanable "toolbox" for interested institutions.

Project start: 01.11.2022
Project duration: 36 Monate

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