Development of a retrofit solution for acid application in liquid manure channels of animal houses


Agriculture is a major contributor to atmospheric ammonia emissions. In Germany, over 90 % of ammonia emissions come from agriculture. There are various strategies to minimise these emissions, especially from animal husbandry. The SAFT project deals with emission-reducing measures in the area of liquid manure storage. By acidifying the liquid manure with a strong acid (e.g. sulphuric acid), the pH value can be lowered below 5.5. This causes a shift in the NH4+/NH3 equilibrium so that there is no more NH3 which could escape in gaseous form. The fertiliser value of the nitrogen in the liquid manure thus remains contained without loss until it is spread. The pH shift also inactivates methane-forming microorganisms, which occur in particular in the deeper anaerobic layers of the liquid manure, so that reduced methane formation is also expected.

The aim of the project is to ensure safe and user-friendly logistics and handling of concentrated acid for application into the liquid manure stored under the animals in the barn. Together with the industrial partners, a technique is to be developed that ensures distribution of the acid in the liquid manure channel to set a homogeneous pH value. The application is to be controlled via a process computer, which will also be used for data acquisition and processing.



01.09.2018 till 31.12.2023

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