Investigation of the effectiveness of process-integrated, structural measures to reduce emissions of ammonia, odour and methane in pig and dairy farming and establishment of a data platform


Within the framework of the joint project "Emission reduction in livestock farming - individual measures" (EmiMin), available, selected process-integrated, constructional-technical measures for emission reduction in livestock housing are investigated with regard to their effectiveness under German production conditions and emission reduction levels or factors are derived for ammonia, odour and methane. The investigations are based on the internationally agreed VERA measurement protocol and include measures and combinations of measures as well as their optimisation in forced-ventilated barns for breeding and fattening pigs, in freely ventilated barns with outdoor access for fattening pigs and in freely ventilated dairy barns. The measurement methodology with artificial tracer gas is being further developed and adapted for the investigation of emission reduction in barn runs. The results and data of the joint project will be published in a research database and in the repository of life sciences and made available for further research purposes. Data preparation and publication are supported by a data management plan accompanying the project.

Within the framework of EmiMin, the sub-project of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Bonn is concerned with low-emission perforated soils in the walking area in dairy farming.

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