Cloud-based Empowerment of Rural Economy and LiveStock


Agriculture has been undergoing structural change for years. The average herd size in cattle and pig farming is increasing, while at the same time the number of farms is decreasing. Furthermore, aspects such as animal welfare and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. The ability to plan and measure farm processes plays an important role in resource-conserving and sustainable agriculture while at the same time paying attention to animal welfare. Automation and digitalisation in cattle and pig farming serve here to improve herd management and as an information and decision-making aid. Computer-aided management systems and sensor-based animal monitoring are essential here.

Therefore, the goal of CERES is the realisation of a cloud platform in which data from agriculture flow together and are made available. To this end, sensors that are already on the market for continuous measurement of the stable climate and animal welfare will be connected and compiled in the CERES cloud platform. In addition, external data from slaughter findings, robotic systems, geodata and other documentation can be integrated. This enables the livestock farmer to independently optimise processes within the farm and improve animal welfare. Furthermore, the farmer has the possibility to share the farm data with research institutions, customers and other farms in order to promote the competitiveness of domestic agricultural enterprises and to create transparency for consumers. The data collected enables the farmer to demonstrate his animal welfare-oriented farm management not only to the customer, but also to public authorities or other initiatives.

Objectively collected data through individual animal audits, based among other things on the Welfare Quality® Assessment Protocol, will provide information on the extent to which sensors allow the derivation of information that has a direct influence on animal welfare.

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