Publikationen Tierwohl

Publikationen 2023:

  • Senta Becker, Wolfgang Buescher und Inga Tiemann (2023): The British Ixworth: individual growth and egg production of a purebred dual-purpose chicken.
    Received 21 Mar 2023, Accepted 23 Jul 2023, Published online: 14 Aug 2023
  • Inga Tiemann , Esther Wurm , Naemi von Jasmund , Kathrin Schulze Rötering , Wolfgang Büscher (2023): Recording group and area-specific activity of fattening pigs by using Passive Infrared Detectors on farm, Front. Anim. Sci., 02 November 2023 Sec. Precision Livestock Farming
  • Pia Schürmann, Senta Becker, E. Tobias Krause, Wolfgang Büscher, Sonja Hillemacher and Inga Tiemann (2023):
    Exploratory Study on Individual Locomotor Activity in Local Dual-Purpose and Commercial Breeder Pullets                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Publikationen 2022:

  • Martin Kraft, Heinz Bernhardt, Reiner Brunsch, Wolfgang Büscher, Eduardo Colangelo, Henri Graf, Johannes Marquering, Heiko Tapken, Kathrin Toppel, Clemens Westerkamp and Martin Ziron (2022):
    Can Livestock Farming Benefit from Industry 4.0 Technology? Evidence from Recent Study. Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(24), 12844;                                                                               
  • Inga Tiemann , Senta Becker , Wolfgang Büscher , Verena Meuser (2022): Exploring animal genetic resources of the domestic chicken and their behavior in the open field.
    Journal of Applied Poultry Research, 2022 J. Appl. Poult. Res. 31:100237; Full Research Paper, IF(2021): 2.162  doi:
  • Maher Alsaaod, Salome Dürr , Damian Iten, Wolfgang Buescher, Adrian Steiner (2022): Locomotion behavior of dairy cows on traditional summer mountain farms in comparison with modern cubicle housing without access to pasture
    PLoS ONE 17(3): e0264320.; Full Research Paper,  IF(2021): 3.24;

Publikationen 2021:

  • Johanna Ahmann, Julia Steinhoff-Wagner & Wolfgang Büscher (2021): Determining Immunoglobulin Content of Bovine Colostrum and Factors Affecting the Outcome: A Review
    Animals, EISSN 2076-2615, Published by MDPI
  • Simone M. Schmid, Wolfgang Büscher and Julia Steinhoff-Wagner (2021): Suitability of Different Thermometers for Measuring Body Core and Skin Temperatures in Suckling Piglets Scientific Reports | (2021) 11:8686
  • Christian Post , Christian Rietz , Wolfgang Büscher and Ute Müller (2021):
    The Importance of Low Daily Risk for the Prediction of Treatment Events of Individual Dairy Cows with Sensor Systems Sensors 2021

Publikationen 2020:

  • Ehab Mostafa, Philipp Twickler, Alexander Schmithausen, Christian Maack, Abdelkader Ghaly, Wolfgang Buescher (2020):
    Optimisation of dry matter and nutrients in feed rations through use of a near-infrared spectroscopy system mounted on a self-propelled feed mixer
    Animal Production Science, 2020, 2020/11/18, 10.1071/an19306
  • Ehab Mostafa, Edith Szabo, Richard S. Gates, Wolfgang Buescher (2020):
    Identification of airborne particles and fungus spores concentrations within horses stables,
    Atmospheric Pollution Research, 2020,ISSN 1309-1042,
  • Alexandra Lengling, Antonius Alfert, Bernd Reckels, Julia Steinhoff-Wagner and Wolfgang Büscher (2020):
    Feasibility Study on the Use of Infrared Thermography to Classify Fattening Pigs into Feeding Groups According Their Body Composition
    Sensors 2020, 20(18), 5221;
  • Sophia Heitmann, Jenny Stracke, Carolin Adler, Marwa F.E. Ahmed, Jochen Schulz, Wolfgang Büscher, Nicole Kemper, Birgit Spindler (2020): Effects of a partially perforated flooring system on animal-based welfare indicators in broiler housing,
  • Naemi von Jasmund, Anna Wellnitz, Manuel Stephan Krommweh, Wolfgang Büscher (2020): Using Passive Infrared Detectors to Record Group Activity and Activity in Certain Focus Areas in Fattening Pigs,  Animals 2020, 10(5), 792
  • Sophia Heitmann, Jenny Stracke, Carolin Adler, Marwa F.E. Ahmed, Jochen Schulz, Wolfgang Büscher, Nicole Kemper, Birgit Spindler (2020): Effects of a slatted floor on bacteria and physical parameters in litter in broiler houses,
  • Alexandra Lengling, Bernd Rekels, Cornelia Schwennen, Richard Hölscher, Karl-Heinz Waldmann, Wolfgang Büscher (2020): Validation of a New Recource-Efficient Feeding System for Fattening Pigs Using Increased Crude Fiber Concentrations in Diets: Feed Intake and Ammonia Emissions.
  • Carolina Strohmaier, Manuel S. Krommweh; Wolfgang Büscher (2020): Suitability of Different Filling Materials for a Biofilter at a Broiler Fattening Facility in Terms of Ammonia and Odour Reduction,
  • Lisett M. Martin, Helga. Sauerwein, W. Büscher, Ute. Müller (2020): Automated gradual reduction of milk yield before dry-off: Effects on udder health, involution and inner teat morphology,

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