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Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers

Since 1st February 2019, the Chair of 'Agricultural Engineering and Robotics' has been occupied by Prof. Chris McCool (from Brisbane/Australia). Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers, who will be retired on 15 March 2019.

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2010-04-28 Using information systems in dairy farming for prevention health management

Lameness, dairy cow, activity, pedometer, thermography

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Lameness is one of the most important herd problems in modern dairies and represents, after fertility problems and udder disease, the third highest reason for culling. Lameness can be classified visually but this requires time and experience, especially in large herds. An electronic device for early recognition of lameness is desirable for veterinary and management reasons. The ALT-pedometer (ALT = Activity, Lying behaviour and (outer) Temperature) is a proven animal recording system for determining movement activity. So far, it is mostly used for oestrus detection. This research should represent a contribution to encourage an electronic “tool” for lameness identification in large herds.

The innovative Infrared thermography technique (IRT) for detecting the hoof temperature should be further investigated. The aim is to validate the IRT technique in dairy farming and to improve our knowledge in detecting claw inflammation.







Alsaaod,M.; Büscher, W.: Früherkennung von Lahmheit bei Milchkühen mit elektronischen Aktivitätssensoren. Landtechnik 64 (6): 413-416, 2009






Alsaaod,M.; Büscher, W.: Using information systems in dairy farming for prevention health management.XIV ISAH Conference 2009, 19.-23.07.2009, Vechta, Germany

Alsaaod,M.; Büscher, W.: Nutzung von Informationssystemen in der Milchviehhaltung zum vorbeugenden Gesundheitsmanagement. 9th Conference Construction, Engineering and Environment in Livestock Farming, Editor: Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL), 21.-23.September 2009, Berlin, 339-344


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