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Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers

Since 1st February 2019, the Chair of 'Agricultural Engineering and Robotics' has been occupied by Prof. Chris McCool (from Brisbane/Australia). Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers, who will be retired on 15 March 2019.

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Current Projects

2019-09-01 EnergARA - Utilization of renewable energy source "Exhaust air cleaning system" for cooling and heating of animal houses - Case studies
Livestock farming, Ventilations systems, exhaust air treatment systems, heat recovery, indoor climate
2018-09-01 SAFT – Development of a retrofit solution for application of acid in slurry channels of animal barns
Livestock farming, emissions, slurry, application of acid
2018-07-01 RESAFE-Pig - Resource-saving approach in the feeding of fattening pigs for animal welfare and reduction of emissions
fattening pigs, feeding, resource efficiency, emissions
2018-06-01 EmiMin - Investigation of the efficiency of process-integrated, structural and technical measures to reduce emissions of ammonia, odour and methane from pig and dairy cattle husbandry and implementation of a data platform
Milk production, greenhouse gases, methane, ammonia, emission reduction, slatted floor
2017-01-01 Space Data Milking
Dairy cattle, indoor positioning, monitoring, early detection, data analysis
2016-10-02 Pigs And More
Pig, Animal welfare, Indicators, Consulting concept
2016-10-01 Concept for broilers husbandry to reduce the risk of re-contamination during fattening, to improve animal health (...) - fitAvis
poultry, antibiotic resistance, keeping concept, animal health
2015-07-01 Sow welfare feeding – animal individual ad-libitum liquid feeding in group-housed gestating sows (Opti-Sau)
Livestock system, liquid feeding, ad libitum, group-housed sows, crude fibre, basic feed
2010-04-28 Using information systems in dairy farming for prevention health management
Lameness, dairy cow, activity, pedometer, thermography
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