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Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers

Since 1st February 2019, the Chair of 'Agricultural Engineering and Robotics' has been occupied by Prof. Chris McCool (from Brisbane/Australia). Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers, who will be retired on 15 March 2019.

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Completed Projects

2015-07-02 KLAUENfitnet
Dairy cows, Claw health, Monitoring, Early detection
2015-06-01 – Development of a software for the evaluation, planning and for the evidence of different housing conditions to the increase of welfare of dairy cows - CowSoft
cow comfort, welfare, dairy cattle, stress prevention, sensors
2015-03-01 Minimizing the use of antibiotics at the beginning of the dry period by automated drying off during the last lactation phase
Dairy cows – automated dry off – reduction of antibiotic use – antibiotic-resistant bacteria
2015-01-01 Influence of a protein reduced diet supplemented with rumen-protected amino acids on dairy performance, health and nitrogen excretion of dairy cows and the production of greenhouse and other environmental relevant gases (N-Reduk).
dairy production, N-reduced diet, greenhouse gas, methane, nitrous oxide, ammonia, emission control
2014-10-01 Combined exhaust air treatment for mitigation of dust, ammonia and odour from poultry housing
poultry housing – waste air treatment - emission control – odour
2014-09-01 Comfi-Floor
Pig farming, animal welfare, emission reduction, animal health, floor design
2014-02-07 Model-based research for the risk and prediction of silage bale deterioration suffered from aerobic impact
preserved staple fodder, ensiling, aerobic-induced silage reheating, silage bale deterioration, bulk density, dry matter content, oxygenation, air permeability
2014-01-27 Conditioning and conservation of sugar beets for the use in NawaRo-biogas plants
biogas, renewable energy, sugar beet, substrate, storage methods
2014-01-15 Nitrous oxide emissions from milk production - system boundary agricultural farm
Greenhouse gas, emission, methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide, ventilation rate, dairy production
2013-04-02 Process-oriented evaluation of competing solutions in the usage of regenerative energy for heating and cooling of animal houses
Global warming, decreasing fossil energy reserves, dependence on foreign power, rising prices for energy
2013-04-01 Development of an “exchange washer“ for environmental-friendly and energy-efficient pig husbandry
pig husbandry, exhaust air, exhaust air treatment, exhaust air treatment systems, heat recovery, heat exchanger, dust, ammonia, odor, odour, exchange washer, energy, energy savings, heating cost savings
2013-01-18 Research into the effectivity of small biogas-plants in combination with dairy farms
biogas, 75 kWel, 80 mass-% manure, dairy cow
2011-11-01 The individual feeding of horses in group housing with computer-controlled concentrate feeding stations
horse, group housing, feeding station, feeding on demand
2011-01-13 Development of a processing computer for the electronical control of silage storage in silo bags
silo bag, near infared spectroscopy, sensor, silage quality parameters
2011-01-05 Sensor controlled total mixed ration for nutrient optimised feeding of dairy cattle
total-mixed-ration, near infrared spectroscopy, feed mixer wagon, feed ration improvement
2011-01-04 Improvement of animal welfare und reduction of ammonia emission in pig keeping by modified slatted floors
pig, slatted floor, emission, ammonia, animal welfare, mitigation of emission, corrosive gas
2011-01-03 Joint research project: Processing of an ARV - Climate control system to prevent heat and cooling stress of swine and to detect the well-being of the animals
stable climate, climate control system, technic of stable climate, animal health, animal behavior
2010-08-18 Long-term measurements of greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions from a cross ventilated dairy house
greenhouse gas, emission, methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide, ventilation rate, dairy production
2010-06-14 Dust loads in animal houses - situation evaluation and reduction means
emission reduction, animal protection, employment protection
2010-04-20 Information technology in the dairy cow management – Sensor systems and reliability
Dairy cow, animal behaviour, sensors, local position measurement, herd management
2010-04-19 silage quality – comparative testing using chemosensor-systems, chemical analysis and animal experiments
silage quality, chemosensor-system, silage
2010-02-25 Impact of secondary particle formation from gaseous emissions generated form livestock buildings on the particulate matter load of NRW
secondary particles, dust emission, ammonia emission
2010-02-08 Heating and cooling in livestock buildings with renewable energy sources
renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, heating, cooling
2008-02-28 Process evaluation of biogas production with energy crops materials in typical agricultural regions in NRW
biogas, energy crops, process evaluation
2007-12-17 Composition of dust emissions of different livestock houses and determination of the gravimetric factors
livestoke farming, dust, particles, emission, prognoses of immission, gravimetric factor
2007-11-13 Dust emission from typical poultry houses
Dust, concentration,laying hens
2007-11-12 Compression and conservation of biomass in silo bags
silo bag, bagging machine, compression, airtight storage
2007-11-11 The influence of the moisture content and degree of processing of grain on compaction, conservation and undesirable temperature increases in silage tubes and the effects of selected ensiling additives
moist grain, silo bags, concentrate, undesirable temperature increases, preservatives
2007-11-10 Decrease of odor, ammonia and methane emissions in animal barns with liquid demanure by slurry aeration, slatted floor and exhaust air cleaning
Reduction of emissions, slurry aeration, exhaust air cleaning, slatted floor
2007-11-09 transmission of real dust particles from animal houses
physical properties of aerosol particles, dispersion modelling, tracer aerosol
2007-11-08 Airborne dust and mould in horse barns-origin, effect, cause and possibility of reduction
dust, mould, air sampler, COPD
2007-11-07 Influence of chop length, mechanical processing and breed on the ensiling characteristics of maize
maize silage, chop length, compactability, density, secondary fermentation
2007-11-06 Heating energy consumption in poultry production with consideration of natural gas as energy source
Heating, poultry housing, climate, natural gas
2007-11-05 Dust emission from naturally ventilated turkey houses
bioaerosols, dust, emission, naturally ventilated houses, ventilation rate, tracergas techniques, sulphur hexafluoride
2007-11-04 Physical characteristics of airborne particles
dust, particles, emission, sedimentation
2007-11-03 Information management system for quality assurance for wilting silage
silage, management, critical control points, quality, mechanization
2007-11-02 Energy consumption in livestock husbandry – pig farms
Energy consumption, pig farms, planning data
2007-11-01 Experimental research, capturing the air cleaning index for odours, particles, and ammonia
exhaust cleaning, reduction of emissions, biofilter, emission, immission , chemical cleaning, exhaust, ammonia, dust, odour
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