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Mission state ‚Livestock Technology‘

Prof. Dr. agr. habil. Wolfgang Büscher


The main subjects of research and teaching in ‘Livestock Technology’ range from supply engineering (for feed, water, air) to environment-friendly utilization of co-products (in particular manure and exhaust air). The technical development focuses on animal friendly husbandry (‘resting’, ‘walking’, ‘feeding’...) and product gain (e.g. ‘milking’).
The objectives of the technical developments are the increase of the animal’s wellness level, effective use of resources and reduction of environmental loads. Since teaching has a high local value, it is significant for lessons in the advanced study period to include recent results of research projects. Also, the applications of precision livestock farming are important parts of research and education.

There are three main research subjects at the chair of Livestock Technology of Prof. W. Büscher:

  • animal well-being (digital observation of fitness characteristics, pattern recognition);
  • environmental relevant gases and airborne particles in livestock houses, indoor air quality and emission loads;
  • long-term-stability of conserved feeding and biogas substrates. 


 Prof. Dr. agr. Wolfgang Büscher


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