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Mission in Household and Appliance Technology

Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Rainer Stamminger

Appliance Technology StammingerBonn aims to lighten life in domestic homes by applying technology in a way that household member are relieved from heavy works, time consuming activities are reduced, overall welfare is increased and environmental effects are minimised.

Appliance Technology Bonn focuses its research on following points:

  • Precision in good housekeeping: For every work at home one or more alternative ways must exist to perform the task optimally. The choice of an optimised method has to regard any manual or technical possibility and has to account for ergonomic, socio-economical and technological-ecological factors. Improvement of existing technologies to reach better precision by using new methods is an inherent part of this optimisation.
  • Analysis of the food chain in households: It is essential to understand and optimise the ways, processes and techniques how foods attain the household, how they are stored and how they are processed. The processes of disposal of by-products (waste, dishwashing) are also part of this chain. The target is to reach the highest possible quality in this chain by simultaneously reducing threats to health and environment.
  • Medium of acquired insights: By the complexity of desires, knowledge and skills of the persons living and working in a household a broad range of behaviour patterns is given. Especially in educating students and doctorates, publishing and working in national and international standardization bodies the acquired knowledge will be implemented and thereby transferred efficiently to the households.



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