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Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers

Since 1st February 2019, the Chair of 'Agricultural Engineering and Robotics' has been occupied by Prof. Chris McCool (from Brisbane/Australia). Prof. McCool replaces Prof. Schulze Lammers, who will be retired on 15 March 2019.

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Current Projects

Developing a field sprayer using real time direct injection units
site specific weed management, patch spraying, direct nozzle injection system
Development of a dual-sensor penetrometer for simultaneous measurement of cone index and soil moisture content
dual-sensor, penetrometer, cone index, soil water content, soil moisture, bulk density
Foundations for the technical-sensorical measurement of odours (methods for ‚elektronic noses’)
odour, odor, electronic nose, odour measurement, chemosensor
Mechanical regulation of crop load in fruit trees
blossom, apple, fruit production, fruit quality, alternate bearing
Position controlled parallel seed of row crops to optimize weed control
Parallel compound, plants density, intra row hoeing, rectangle/square compound, sugar beet cultivation, mechanic weed control
Ridge Cultivation of Sugar Beets
sugar beets, ridge cultivation, cultivation systems, process engineering
Rotationhock for automatical intra-row weeding in sugar-beet
Soilstress through heavy harvesting machine
Soil, soil stress, track depth measurements, tyre pressure, tyre equipment, wheel load, slippage, ground speed
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