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Carl-Heinrich-Dencker Badge of Honour

The "Carl-Heinrich-Dencker Badge of Honour" is awarded in recognition of personal merit in the field of agricultural and engineering sciences with a connection to agricultural engineering or domestic engineering without regard to the previous education of the person to be honoured. It is a recognition of personal achievement.

Its award may not be exploited for the benefit of a company or a certificate and may not be exploited for the benefit of an institution or a country. Honours awarded posthumously shall be disqualified. When assessing merit, it should be noted that the entire range of land use, from resource protection to foodstuffs, is represented at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, and that the purpose of the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Engineering Bonn and Domestic Engineering Bonn is to promote the scientific exchange of ideas, scientific projects, young scientists and international cooperation in the overall field of agricultural engineering.

The "Carl Heinrich Dencker Pin of Honour" is awarded for outstanding individual achievements which also represent a significant contribution to the development of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. These achievements may be in the field of design, experimentation, testing, research and teaching, agricultural engineering administration, advising associations and practitioners, and promoting international cooperation in the field of agricultural engineering and domestic engineering. The only requirement is personal merit.

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