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washing machines, new standard, EN60456, energy label


ATLETE II will carry out for the first time in the EU, laboratory testing of washing machines under the new Energy Labeling regulations by also applying a new measurement method.


The aim of ATLETE II is to work closely with Market Surveillance Authorities, sharing and discussing test results and experience gained through the project. This exercise will help Member States control the correct labelling/eco-design implementation measures.


Uni Bonn, household appliance and technology section will participate in the international consortium by providing it technical expertise of testing washing machines according to EN60456 and organisational skills of round-robin tests.



Stamminger, R., 2013. ATLETE II - Verification of the declaration of washing machines, in WfK. Institute ed., 46th International Detergency Conference, Düsseldorf.

Pressemitteilung: Waschmaschinen erfüllen im Wesentlichen die Anforderungen des EU-Ökodesigns und der Energieverbrauchskennzeichnung. .....


Atlete II

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