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Prof. Prof. Dr. Yurui Sun

Prof. Prof. Dr. Yurui SunProf. Sun was born 1954 in Beijing and graduated from Beijing Uni­versity with a diploma in electrical engineering in 1981. In 1986 he graduated with a master’s degree in electrical engineering at the China Agricultural University in Beijing and in1995 he re­ceived a second master’s degree from the university of applied sci­ence in Kaiserslau­tern/Germany. In the year 2000, he completed his doctorate in engi­neering at the China Agricultural University. Here he continued his academic career and is now the director of the Research Centre for Precision Agriculture and professor at the China Agricultural Univer­sity. In 2001 he was awarded by a na­tional scholarship for one academic year abroad, which he spent as a guest researcher at the Institut für Landtechik in Bonn from Oct 2001 to Oct 2002.

Since this time a continuous cooperation in research on precision farming sensing has been ongoing between the Research Centre for Precision Farming and the Department of AgEng in Bonn. The cooperation in Bonn, initiated by Prof. Sun, included not only the department of AgEng but the agronomy department and the soil science department when he evaluated and applied his sensor technology. 

The central idea of the research cooperation is the utilization of electrical properties of soil and plants for sensing the status and conditions of soil and growing crops in the fields. His research is characterized by its role in the progression of knowledge and by its benefit to society.

The research cooperation is only possible through Prof. Sun’s creativity, enthusiasm, and care towards the young scientists in the master and PhD programs. He has provided scholarships for more than twenty students for a research stay in Bonn which was a sci­entific and contribution to ethnic community. He has supervised two dissertations based on the experiments conducted in Bonn. The cooperation results in more than 20 scientific papers published in international journals and more than 10 papers presented at interna­tional congresses. 


The „Verein zur Förderung der Landtechnik und Haushaltstechnik“ honors Prof. Sun by pining him with the Carl Heinrich Dencker Pin. The chairman of the legal entity Prof. Wolfgang Büscher acting as the director of the institute, handed over the certificate and pin the needle onto him.