The slurry experiment: This way it smells less!

The slurry acidification system is presented in the WDR-Lokalzeit

The YouTube channel "Lokalzeit Land.Schafft." of the WDR has published a video on the research project SAFT on in-house slurry acidification on 13.08.2023. In the video, Dr. Veronika Ebertz explains how ammonia and methane are reduced by the process. In addition, the acidification technology developed within the project is presented in a pig barn.

In the SAFT project (Development of a retrofit solution for application of acid in slurry channels of animal barns), the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, together with the project partners SF-Soepenberg GmbH and HAGRONIC GmbH & Co KG, has developed an in-house slurry acidification technology and investigated it in pig barns with regard to its emission reduction. This has also come to the attention of the YouTube channel "Lokalzeit Land.Schafft." of the WDR.

On the Hölscher farm in Emsbüren, where the acidification technology was also installed as part of the project, a report on this topic was therefore recently filmed. In addition to the presentation of the technology by Dr. Richard Hölscher, Dr. Veronika Ebertz used a laboratory experiment to illustrate the influence of adding acid to slurry. The emission measurements in the barn also impressively demonstrated in the video the contribution that slurry acidification can make to animal and environmental protection.


For all participants, these were very exciting days of filming, which resulted in a great video.


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